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Physical Recycling

Solvent-based processes, with plastics dissolved in solvents, enable the recycling of currently non-recyclable plastic compounds. With the LIST process, polymers can be recovered after selective dissolution. The solvent is gently separated from a polymer solution, the polymer is recovered, and the solvent is condensed. A residual solvent content of less than 300 ppm can be achieved.

Your Task

  • LDPE
  • HDPE
  • Composite Materials
  • PS
  • Polyester
  • PET

Our Solution

  • Proven technology for separating solvents from solutions and viscous polymer melts
  • High product purity, high yields, continuous operation
  • Advanced process control:
    • Uniform defined shear input for efficient and gentle separation of the solvent to protect the product
    • Temperature control through evaporation cooling driven by mechanical dissipation and contact heat
    • Homogeneous product temperature and concentrations due to excellent interfacial renewal and mixing
  • Fouling-free reactor design and trouble-free continuous discharge of the polymer
  • Safe evacuation of the vapors without product entrainment resulting in simple and stable process control
  • Extensive testing facilities in our test centers in Switzerland and Korea, for targeted process development
  • Industrialization experience for scales up to 10 t/h polymer solution


  • interconnected gas headspace, large vapour cross sections
  • large heated surface
  • fouling-free, self-cleaned
  • low shear input, high-residence time
  • plug flow design, defined residence time
  • viscous discharge


  • viscous or solid discharge
  • large heated surface
  • fouling-free, self cleaned
  • robust all-phase design

Optional Repolymerizer

  • high viscous discharge
  • large heated surfaces
  • low vacuum design
  • high torque, high IV design
  • forced mixing, forced surface renewal

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